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What do talented developers need?

My answer for question, what prize is best for a application contest winners:

“Continued program with mentorship from more experienced developer or entrepreneurs. A study and reward program that would help developers, who have won the challenge to develop their application further. Perhaps, that program also should help developers to start their own business based on the software solution they have come up with.”

Survey on Intel Atom developer challenge.

What do you think?


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One thought on “What do talented developers need?

  1. Kristine Corcoran on said:

    Global Developer Challenge (Pool-prize : 3 million dollars)

    Why develop Samsung bada applications?

    Following Apple and Google, Samsung bada phone is now flowing along in the smartphone competition. Furthermore, along with its grand release, Samsung is sponsoring the Global Developer Challenge with an enormously large-scale prize prepared for application developers from all over the world. As much as the Samsung’s Global propagation always had a fruitful result, you should not miss this chance to participate in this challenge as a developer (please visit our site at for more information). Let us now find out what bada is and what we can get from bada in more detail! You can be the winner of $300,000!

    Smartphone ‘Open’ Architecture
    -Bada Platform and Bada IDE/SDK
    Coming from the Korean word ocean, ‘bada’ is the new brand name Samsung Electronics has presented as the new generation’s Open Phone Platform. The word bada also represents an extended meaning of Samsung’s theme ‘blue’, which was applied to inspire creativity and challenge. Additionally, it creates an image of unlimited world of fantasy and sailing through the imaginative power. Having this set as the basis, let us go into the technical aspect of bada.

    Samsung bada’s ultimate purpose, which also goes along with the present IT trend, is to be ‘open.’ Opening the phone platform and having numerous applications being received is the goal.

    -Implication of the Entrance of Management Structure
    The influence of bada on the iPhone App Store with its entrance to the market is a topic that cannot go unmentioned. Getting their application sales records to hit the top is every developer’s dream. Similarly, Samsung bada could also become another great opportunity for developers, but it is yet an unknown body of ocean that we all are looking forward to.

    The recent speech that the Samsung’s President, Gun Hee Lee made contained emphasis that it is now an era of software competition. After all, it means that with the condition that the competition in the hardware market is generally the same, the differential point is the software.

    In the near future, as we have a growing market share of the smartphone industry at the moment(or because of the simple cellular phones evolving into smartphones), the phone industry competition will eventually become a competition between the software industries. As Samsung announced that their plan is to release all feature phones with an ‘Open’ Platform as the base in the near future, it is obvious that the mobile phone competition is no longer in smartphones but mainly in software. Compared to competitors, Samsung’s starting point is a little late, and Software itself is comparably low in competition, but regarding the Samsung phone market share, it is actually worth having quite an interest in the bada phone application.

    -Samsung’s Strength lies in…?
    One of the strengths that Samsung has is the mobile phone market share. Although it yet has a less market share in the smartphone area, as Samsung has a strong intention to load the bada Platform as a base on the feature phones that will be released in the near future, there is an immense possibility in the mobile phone market share. Basically, Samsung is laying the foundation of an infrastructure that can spread a Samsung based mobile killer application as soon as it is created all over the world at a very quick pace.

    Another major strength lies in the various electronic machineries of Samsung. Samsung electronics product line-up contains just about the whole collection of home appliances, TV being the most popular. There are already numerous IT corporations that are branching out to TV contents, as well as business transactions. In contents business transactions TV-wise, Samsung never falls behind, and Samsung is in well noted for its compatibility. The necessity and demand for contents reusability and data communication between components that make up a home networking, application production are growing more and more. The soon to be released bada SDK provides server based API, where developers can create applications that support connection among devices.

    ▪ bada SDK advantages
    Samsung created an API that is easy to control and use all the features that is in the bada phone (gravity sensor, movement sensor, touch panel, camera, multimedia, etc) which is one of the greatest strengths in bada SDK. From there, features in combination, such as identifying a person’s face through a camera, and identifying a movement with pattern, and such creative products could be created.
    Also, another strong point of bada SDK is that it also comes along with an API that works based on the server. For example, it provides APIs that can create a SNS(Social Network Service) such as Twitter and APIs that can create LBS(location based services). Developers can recompose these services to create a new killer application on mobile.

    -Why Develop Application with bada SDK for bada?
    To cut to the point, bada phone is a platform that has infinite potential to expand. Samsung fell into a dilemma as to whether to continue as a mere manufacturer or to improve the software and platform sector to strengthen its competition in this field. In the end Samsung has chosen with determination to improve its software and platform, and throw itself into the competition. Eventually, bada platform will evolve and it will be loaded in all of the existing phones of Samsung in the future. If this is applied to all the feature phones that will be released, the market will be beyond big. There is still a big gap between feature phone and smartphone market. This is because not all people choose to purchase smartphones. In order to reduce this gap, Samsung has made the bada phone into a form of a feature phone where application software could be installed freely. If the bada platform gets installed on most of the feature phones, the advantage that Samsung could take would be incredible. As Samsung manufactures about 100 variations of devices per year, to have a single platform to install various applications on would be a great benefit for Samsung in cost savings and would create a great synergy from unifying the supply and sales route of applications. This is the reason why Samsung will not abandon bada in the future and plans to hold its market share in some form in the feature phone market. By creating bada applications with bada SDK, this will influence the hundreds and thousands of feature phones in the market. Therefore, we conclude that there is no way we could determine the potential of bada phone sales just with the amount of bada based applications created.

    -Superiority of SDK, Convenience of IDE
    If you have now felt the possibility of bada applications, let’s visit the bada developer site at
    It is easier than you think to develop a bada application. Just go to the developer site and download IDE/SDK to your PC from the site. You do not need any other certain configurations. With just a creative idea or two and a bit of developing experience, you can start developing your application with all the APIs that bada provides. You even have the chance to take a grasp at the prizes the Global Developer Challenge provides which is going on right now! Samsung is sponsoring an enormously large-scale prize pool, the biggest ever. Anyone from around the world can participate in this challenge and can register until 2010-08-31. For prizes, the top 300 application rankings will receive a bada phone, and the top 90 application owners will receive $10,000 in addition. There are many opportunities and chances to win including the first prize winner, category winners, and special winners. For more details, visit the Global Developer Challenge site.
    We are at the point where SDK has just been released, which means it is definitely worth your try to participate in this challenge to win some large-scale prizes. There are 8 categories in total: Mates and dates, Freaks and geeks, Oder and wiser, etc. It could be an idea to try submitting in the application that fall into a category that not many others might choose for a better chance at winning.
    Even if you don’t win any prizes, you can still have a chance at making a profit through selling your application at the Samsung App Store. Why not? It is a challenge without loss! Give it a shot, and let’s make our dreams come true in the bright blue ocean.

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