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Fear and vision

When bootstrapping you feel different emotions and have many causes to drive forward: fear, hunger, hope, strong belief in yourself. Regretfully, some of these emotions can harm your aim to build big things.

Of course, when you already on the road, hunger and fear of failure can help to become all-in and to work your way forward with great momentum. If you are hungry, you will fight. If the future is not pleasant, you will work your head down 16/7. Being all-in, enables to do archive impressive results and makes you proud of yourself. Being all-in and having achieved something, brings confidence in your ways of doing things.

Of course, it depend on how strong is your gut, however, hunger and fear can also constrain you a lot. Dreaming big, while bootstrapping and working your way through failures and small ventures requires some heavy self-confidence. Great example comes from famous role model – Steve Jobs, who was building his dreams while collecting bottles on campus and going for free food from Krishnas. My experience is that fear may make you more practical than you should be.

Probably, there are only two things that can sustain your ambition endlessly. You either believe in yourself and build up that heavy armor of self-confidence, or you carry a vision of better future in your heart . Riding the emotional roller-coaster, being tired after a hard work, family members and friends will test you many times with hard questions, but one of these two components will allow to keep going.

Just yesterday hard week brought some doubt in my head. However, it took me just a short while to remember what we are working on and that totally calmed me down. There is nothing better than understanding that you are working on something valuable.


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2 thoughts on “Fear and vision

  1. What are you working on?

  2. Now: on dongle that would help people to track their exercise progress. The long term vision is to solve healthcare problems with similar approach.


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