By the highway

Guest to a life well lived

Love, not Greed.

Last week was crazy for me – I’ve got invitation for interview, uh oh, from the Google them-self, along with 2 super cool Valley companies through Startup Life. I don’t think I am the super math/technie, who would get into the search giant, but chances landing a position in the startups seem quite prominent. I ‘ve started thinking.

Myself, I am super ambitious and greedy. I would not spend so much time studying, coding through the nights and hustling, if I didn’t want to move-in to my own Medieval castle at some point in my life. It was hard to compare opportunities in Helsinki and in Silicon Valley, thinking about long term possibilities. Moreover, it would be invaluable learning experience! Living conditions probably wouldn’t compare to Aalto campus and I would go even further from home, but experience and the network that could be developed in a startup with 1-9M USD backing would out-shine the difficulties.

Jumping out of the comfort zone, wouldn’t be a problem as well – I love challenges and adore travelling. Once, I have boarded a plane with work contract from suspicious company signed through the Internet and flown over the Atlantics on a short notice. This time it is much easier.

However, taking opportunities in one of these companies would mean compromising my dreams of becoming entrepreneur and delay it for at least a year. I love developing nice products, I am UX freak and walk an extra mile to polish details and make it work better. However, I hate myself for spending time away from the people, not hearing their stories and not trying to enjoy life together with others. My dream is to take leadership and produce value, conquer hearts and experience life worth a best seller autobiography. It is not a technology career.

Thinking about the momentum AntsLab has now, the network of entrepreneurs and developers, we have already developed and the mutual passion to go far beyond expectation that drives AntsLab – I could loose most of it, just because of the greed. Provided we won’t start hating each other with Claudio and manage to remain on the same page, I have no doubts we can do it and do it 10x bigger.

I decided that things take time to develop. Experience and true freedom of entrepreneur is what employment doesn’t provide, so there is no point trading it for money or career.


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